Schoolhouse Rock! | Hillview Summer Drama 2023

HillviewTV Team

July 02, 2023

Experience the magic of theatre as Hillview Middle School's talented students present "Schoolhouse Rock! Jr. LIVE!" This immersive performance is the grand finale of our two-week intensive Summer Drama Camp. Watch as our students breathe life into the classic educational animated series, 'Schoolhouse Rock!' From the comfort of your home, witness the culmination of intense rehearsals, as the young stars seamlessly blend drama, music, and dance, instilling in you a renewed love for learning. With a spirited nod to the original TV series, our students convey complex academic concepts through memorable, catchy tunes and lively performances, ensuring you'll hum along to the familiar refrains. Each segment is a testament to our students' dedication, talent, and the skills they've honed over the short span of our drama camp. You'll be mesmerized by the colorfully designed sets, innovative lighting, and exuberant performances that successfully transport you back to the golden age of Saturday morning TV. So, join us for this one-night-only extravaganza, where the effervescent energy of our student performers guarantees a fun-filled, nostalgic trip down memory lane. Witness the sheer joy of learning through the medium of drama that's sure to leave you tapping your feet and craving more. Remember, every view supports Hillview Middle School's performing arts program. So, not only will you enjoy an unforgettable show, but you'll also help nourish the future of arts education.